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Datamob identifies public data producers and consumers

Lauren Sperber and Sean Flannagan have launched Datamob, a site that identifies sources of public data and web services that consume and present that data in interesting ways.


Swivel announces business dashboard service

Swivel has made the first public announcement of their private service for business customers.

The service is not open for general use, but the screenshots on their site give a good indication of the feature set. The chart visualizations are completely different from A much crisper look, done either in Flash (like Google Finance or AJAX (like Timepedia’s Chronoscope). Collaboration capabilities appear to be limited to annotation of individual data points. Much of the other screen clutter present on is gone.

This is clearly a change of focus for Swivel. Swivel Business appears to be a hosted business dashboard service rather than a general-purpose data visualization service. This could be a low-end competitor to vendors who provide online dashboard services through hosted versions of commercial business intelligence software.

No mention of whether the new charting function or other features will be made available to users.