Timetric: new time-series data visualization service

Promising new entrant in the online data visualization field: Timetric, developed by a small start-up team in the UK.

The current repository of almost 100,000 series is skewed heavily towards UK economic data sources. User can contribute additional data series, but the supported import format is currently fairly restrictive; Timetric cannot interpret and convert files that do not correspond to their specification.

Data series can also be accessed as RSS feeds, though this seems to be just an XML version of the tabular data. Data series acquired from external URLs do not appear to be “active”, there’s no apparent way to refresh the series from the source.

Charts are in Flash. I’m not a big fan of Flash, but the Timetric presentation is quite polished. HTML embedding is supported. There are also nice PNG sparklines, likewise embeddable.

Unique to Timetric is their support for data manipulation within the system: you can combine two or more existing series using an Excel-like syntax for specifying calculations.

Timetric is off to an impressive start. They’re already publishing two blogs and they are twittering. I see their biggest challenge as they same one that faces Swivel, Many Eyes and others: what’s the business model?


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